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About Me

A Devotion to Startups And Technology

Passionate about driving startup success, my extensive experience in the tech industry spans roles from Software Developer to Software Architect and CTO. This varied background has equipped me with a deep understanding of technological innovation and its application in both startup and enterprise environments.

My focus has always been on developing efficient, scalable systems and leading teams towards collaborative and innovative outcomes. Proficient in a range of technologies like Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and Big Data, I excel at transforming complex challenges into effective solutions.

My approach blends technical expertise with clear communication, ensuring alignment between business objectives and customer needs. This journey is defined by a commitment to excellence and a passion for nurturing the growth of startups through technology.

My Services

Expert Solutions for Your Tech Needs

Unleash the power of digital innovation with services designed to put your business at the forefront of technology. My approach to web and mobile development, data analytics, and UI/UX design is rooted in a deep understanding of your business needs, ensuring that each solution is as unique as your brand.

Startup Technology Consulting

Empowering startups with tailored tech strategies and scalable solutions to navigate the challenges of the digital landscape.

Mobile App Development

Designing and developing intuitive, high-performing mobile apps for a seamless user experience across iOS and Android platforms.

Custom Web Development

Creating dynamic, responsive, and user-friendly websites tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

UI/UX Design and Consultation

Enhancing user engagement through meticulously crafted UI/UX designs, ensuring a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

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My Experiences & Education

Professional Path And Educational Foundations

This section is a window into my professional growth and educational journey. It encompasses diverse experiences that have shaped my expertise in technology, from strategic roles in dynamic environments to contributions to innovative projects. My academic qualifications, integral to this journey, demonstrate a foundation of rigorous learning and intellectual curiosity.


Mar 2023 — Present

  • Spearheaded the development of a holistic services marketplace app on iOS and Android, utilizing Flutter and Dart for front-end and Django and Python for back-end operations.
  • Integrated a subscription model granting users credits, and implemented a robust payment processing system to ensure seamless transactions.
  • Incorporated push notifications to enhance user engagement and timely communication with subscribers.
  • Established an agile deployment pipeline on Heroku, promoting scalability and swift responsiveness.
  • Fostered a developer-centric environment, facilitating quick iteration and leveraging tools like Jira for efficient team communication and collaboration.

Mar 2022 — Mar 2023

  • Implement a monorepo code management system and establish clear guidelines for code sharing, testing, and documentation.
  • Standardising code and update dependencies to address security concerns and reduce errors between microservices.
  • Create a developer-friendly environment, establish a proper deployment pipeline, and implement regular backups to improve the overall development experience.
  • Managing the development team, establish clear roles and responsibilities, and implementing effective communication and collaboration tools to improve team efficiency and productivity.

June 2022 — Nov 2022

  • Develop and maintain new components for dynamic creation of UI using the backend.
  • Create and style product UI for different brands by client design.
  • Develop and maintain unit, integration and E2E tests for the frontend application.
  • Technologies utilized JS/TS (Angular, Lambda), MongoDB, DynamoDB, GIT, GitLab, Jira, Confluence, and Linux.

April 2018 — June 2022

  • Engineer innovative telecommunication software and platforms to optimize operations of major global telecommunication providers such as AT&T, Comcast, T-Mobile, Rogers, BT, EE, Astro, and others. 
  • Develop, update, and maintain a platform to deliver customized bills to end customers by displaying custom messages and advertisements for scenarios that may occur.
  • Test software to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues and restore full functionality.
  • Program product components using various languages, technologies, and tools, such as Java (Spring, Hibernate, FX, FOP), JS/TS (React, Angular), OracleDB, Jenkins, Vagrant, Docker, GIT, GitHub, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, and Linux.

March 2017 — April 2018

  • Donate time to organize tech conferences during and prior to an event.
  • Create an event form, send invitations, as well as update and maintain a list of participants.
  • Serve as IT support in the field to ensure the event runs smoothly.

2009 - 2011

  • Organize and facilitate language workshops of foreign students in elementary schools with the school principal.
  • Contact foreign students who should attend, and hold language workshops for them.
  • Assist foreign students on the first day of their internship, guiding them from accommodation to the elementary schools.

Explore my extensive professional background detailed in my comprehensive resume available here.

My Expertise & Skills

Coding Competence And Collaborative Prowess

My technical journey is anchored in a deep understanding of Mobile and Web Development, where I craft engaging digital experiences. In the backbone of these applications lies my expertise in Database Design, ensuring data integrity and performance. Adept at Troubleshooting, I address technical issues with precision and efficiency.

Beyond these core technical skills, I apply my knowledge towards Process Optimization, improving operational workflows, and excel in Team Management and Staff Training, contributing to a culture of excellence and collaboration.

Team Management
Client Relations
Stuff Training
Process Optimization
Mobile Development
Web Development
Database Design

My Portfolio

My Latest Projects

Explore the latest achievements in my project portfolio, showcasing a diverse range of sophisticated tech solutions, from user-friendly applications to cutting-edge software, each reflecting my commitment to excellence and innovation.


ActionRun transforms routine running into an exhilarating adventure with its interactive, story-driven mobile app, blending fitness with immersive gaming and narrative experiences.
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MyNewEarth is a holistic wellness platform that seamlessly connects users with practitioners, offering a diverse range of spiritual and personal growth services in a user-friendly digital environment.
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InnerGuide revolutionizes meditation practices with its AI-powered app, enabling users to create deeply personalized meditation sessions tailored to their individual preferences and needs.
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Dedicated to employing a unique and personalized approach for each project. Discover more of my work here.

General FAQs

Answers To Your Most Common Questions

Explore a selection of questions and answers that shed light on various aspects of my work. From technical details to process explanations, this segment aims to enhance your understanding of what I do and how I can assist in your technological journey.

I specialize in creating custom mobile and web applications tailored to meet unique business needs. My services range from front-end design to back-end development, ensuring a comprehensive, responsive, and user-friendly digital experience.

Each project begins with a detailed consultation to understand your vision and requirements. For startups, I focus on scalable and cost-effective solutions, providing strategic guidance and technical expertise to turn ideas into successful digital products.

Certainly! My portfolio showcases a variety of projects I’ve completed, highlighting my diverse skills in software development, UI/UX design, and more. Each project exemplifies my commitment to quality and innovation.

My UI/UX design service stands out due to my user-centered approach, which involves thorough research, interactive prototypes, and continuous testing to ensure an intuitive and engaging user experience that aligns with business goals.

Security and efficiency are my top priorities. I use the latest technologies and follow best practices in software development, including regular code reviews, security audits, and performance optimization to deliver secure and efficient software solutions.

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Success Stories From Clients And Partners

Read through the inspiring accounts from clients and partners, each detailing the journey of collaboration and the triumphs we’ve celebrated together. Their stories not only highlight our shared successes but also the strong bonds and mutual respect cultivated along the way.

Marko's strategic consulting has been crucial in our successful tech navigation, providing clear direction and innovative solutions.

Sophie Turner Chief Executive Officer

Thanks to the expertly integrated cloud solutions, we've seen a notable improvement in our overall operational productivity and security.

James O'Brien Operations Manager

The mobile app developed has been a game-changer for our customer engagement, blending cutting-edge design with ease of use.

Emily Harris Marketing Director

Our e-commerce platform's growth, driven by Marko's expertise, has directly impacted our market presence and customer interactions positively.

Richard Wells Chief Technology Officer