MyNewEarth represents an innovative digital platform that serves as a holistic wellness hub, connecting practitioners and users for a wide array of spiritual and personal growth services. The platform provides a virtual space where practitioners can offer services and users can discover and book sessions for practices like meditation, yoga, spiritual coaching, and more. This application bridges the gap between holistic wellness practitioners and those seeking their services, facilitating a seamless connection in a digital landscape.

MyNewEarth is crafted to cater to a diverse range of holistic practices. The platform features a comprehensive and user-friendly interface, allowing practitioners to list their services and users to explore and book sessions that align with their personal growth and wellness goals. Practitioners have their own subscription model, granting them access to post and manage their offerings.

The application is not just a booking platform but a community hub, where users can interact, share experiences, and grow together. It leverages the power of digital connectivity to create a nurturing and supportive environment for personal and spiritual development.

One of the critical aspects of MyNewEarth is its inclusive design. The platform is structured to cater to various spiritual and wellness practices, offering a wide range of services. This flexibility allows users to explore different paths and practitioners to reach a broader audience.

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Role & Responsibilities

Role & Responsibilities

In the development of MyNewEarth, my responsibilities spanned the entire technical spectrum:
  1. Backend Development: Implemented using Django, PostGIS, Firebase, and Heroku, I developed a robust backend to handle the diverse functionalities required by the platform. This included user management, service listings, booking systems, and secure payment processing.
  2. Mobile App Development: The mobile app was created using Flutter and Dart, ensuring a smooth, responsive, and cross-platform user experience. Special attention was paid to the UI/UX design to make the app intuitive and accessible for both practitioners and users.
  3. Website Creation: Developed with WordPress and Elementor, the MyNewEarth website serves as an informative and engaging online presence. It provides comprehensive information about the platform, how it works, and serves as an entry point for new users and practitioners.
  4. Brand and Design Work: I was responsible for the overall visual branding and design elements of MyNewEarth. This included creating a consistent and appealing aesthetic across the mobile app and website, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  5. Publishing and Deployment: I managed the app’s deployment on various platforms, ensuring compliance with different app store requirements. Additionally, I was responsible for maintaining the platform, implementing updates, and ensuring smooth operation.

Technologies & Tools

The development of MyNewEarth utilized a combination of modern technologies and tools to ensure functionality and user satisfaction:
  • Mobile App: Built using Flutter and Dart, providing a native experience on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Backend: Developed using Django, a high-level Python web framework, integrated with PostGIS for geospatial data handling, Firebase for real-time database services, and Heroku for cloud hosting.
  • Website: Designed with WordPress and Elementor, offering an easy-to-navigate, aesthetically pleasing online presence.
  • Tools: Employed Git for version control, Jira for project management and tracking, and Notion for documentation and collaborative planning.

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