InnerGuide is a cutting-edge mobile application designed to generate custom guided meditations using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Tailored for both newcomers and seasoned meditation practitioners, InnerGuide offers a unique approach to personal meditation practices. It allows users to create customized meditation sessions that resonate with their individual preferences and needs, offering a deeply personal and transformative meditation experience.

InnerGuide leverages AI to create personalized meditation sessions, breaking new ground in the wellness app industry. The app’s standout feature is its ability to design meditation sessions based on user input, which includes intentions, desired meditation type, session length, and preferred narrator language and voice. This level of customization ensures that each meditation session is uniquely suited to the user’s current state of mind and objectives, enhancing the overall meditation experience.

The app’s intuitive and user-friendly interface simplifies the meditation process. Users can effortlessly navigate through the app to set up their meditation parameters, and the AI seamlessly generates a meditation script that aligns with their choices. The app’s design emphasizes clarity and tranquility, creating a serene digital environment that reflects the essence of meditation.

InnerGuide’s AI combines the chosen elements to craft a meditation session that feels both personal and professionally guided. The app also features high-quality audio to ensure that every session offers an immersive and clear auditory experience. This attention to audio quality is critical in maintaining the meditative ambiance and keeping the user engaged and focused.

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Role & Responsibilities

In the InnerGuide project, I undertook a comprehensive role that covered all technical aspects of the app:
  1. Backend Development: I implemented a sophisticated backend using Firebase and Rowy, enabling the AI functionalities and ensuring seamless user data management and session customization.
  2. Mobile App Development: Using Flutter and Dart, I developed the mobile application, focusing on creating a smooth, responsive interface that aligns with the tranquil theme of meditation.
  3. Website Creation: I designed the InnerGuide website using WordPress and Elementor, providing a digital space for users to learn more about the app, its features, and its benefits.
  4. Brand and Design Work: My responsibilities extended to the overall branding and design elements of InnerGuide, ensuring a consistent and soothing visual experience across all platforms.
  5. Publishing and Deployment: I managed the publication of the app across various platforms, complying with all necessary guidelines and requirements to ensure a successful launch and availability.

Technologies & Tools

The development and implementation of InnerGuide involved a range of modern technologies and tools:
  • Mobile App: Developed with Flutter and Dart, ensuring a native and seamless experience on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Backend: Utilized Firebase for real-time data handling and Rowy for additional backend functionalities.
  • Website: Created using WordPress and Elementor, providing an accessible and informative online presence for the app.
  • Tools: Leveraged Git for version control, Jira for project management and tracking, and Notion for documentation and collaborative planning.

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